Series 78 – Satpanth Ghat Paat Pooja Ritual / સતપંથ ઘટ પાટ પૂજા વિધિ

Date: 11-Feb-2020

Satpanth Ghat Paat Pooja (prayer) ritual is being performed a follower (mukhi) of Satpanth.

Each section of pooja (prayer) starts this Kalma:

“ॐ ફરમાનજી બિસ્મિલ્લાહ હર રહેમાન….”
“Om Farmanji Bismillah Har Raheman…”

and ends

“હકલા એલાહ ઈલ્લલાહો મુહંમદુર રસુલીલાહે”
“Hak Lahe Illillaho Muhmmadur Rasulillah”


During the prayers names of Murtaza Maula Ali and his descendants to the throne (who generally are pirs) are recited.

Prayers are basically of three types:

  1. Recital of names of descendants of Murtaza Maula Ali, who are generally the Pirs of Satpanth
  2. Praising of Ali and his descendants upto Nishkalanki Narayan
  3. Asking for forgiveness and blessings and requesting the fulfillment of desires.

For complete information see the video above.

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