Satpanth, Pirana, Nisklanki (Nishkalanki) Narayan, Nizari Ismaili sect – Subjects
A free “Online Library” having titles in relation to Satpanth religion also known as Pirana Satpanth or Imamshahi sect, a branch of Nizari Ismaili sect of Shia Islam. Hazrat Ali is also known as Nishklanki Narayan / Nishkalanki Narayan in Indian context.

A special thanks to all those who contributed towards hundreds of titles to this library.

UPDATE: 27-Nov-2015

A catalog in new format (excel format) is introduced enhancing the ease of use. Visitors can download the excel file and use it offline as well.

In case you are not able to view all the items in the catalog, please download the file and use offline.

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Updates to the library:

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