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Satpanth Ghat Paat Pooja
Dec-2019 - Satpanth Ghat Paat Pooja Pirana Satpanth's pooja (prayer) [...]
Explaning Taqiyya in simple way
A video explaining taqiyya in very simple way. [archiveorg bk1071 [...]
Taqiyya -Explained
A video explaining the situations under which muslims are allowed to [...]
Taqiyya -How to identify the use of taqiyya
This is SILENT video. Video explaining how to identify the use of very [...]
Taqiyya – Islamic Deception
Video in which American war experts explaining the dangerous level to [...]

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1. Satpanth Religion
Videos on religious guidance on Satpanth
40 videos
2. Satpanth Roots
Videos covering roots of Satpanth
39 videos
KKP History
Videos covering the history of Kachchh / Kutch Kadva Patidar community
33 videos
Mandvi Hostel Scam
Video on Mandvi hostel scam
29 videos
Narayan Ramji
Video on life and works of Narayan Ramji Limbani, the great revolutionary who spread the awareness to bring back the Kachchh / Kutch Kadva Patidar community to Sanatan Hindu religion.
8 videos

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