OE 2 – Attempt to discredit me / Real Patidarને બદનામ કરવાનો પ્રયત્ન

Dear All,

Thank you for the overwhelming response to the educative mails I have been sending on Satpanth religion.

We started this series educating about the mission, methodology, inside story and then lastly about the conclusive evidence that Satpanth is a muslim religion, way of taking note of their religious book. You will acknowledge that all I have been saying comes from independent source or from the Satpanthis themselves.

I have many Satpanthis in my mailing list. Some of them at times used to counter my mails, saying that whatever I was writing as not correct and claimed that Satpanth is a Hindu sect. They tried all possible ways to distract me and stop me from doing this noble cause of educating people.

After my mail on Series 5 Pirana Pooja Vidhi and Gnan, which gave conclusive proof that Satpanthis follow Muslim religion, they were left nothing to say. So stunned were the people who did not like my mails (obviously some Satpanthis) that they could not think of any proper manner in which they could give a valid counter argument. They were at total loss of words.

In this situation, they have resorted to malign my credibility sending all kinds of negative emails which the Sanatan samaj would not like. By doing so, they are trying to negate the good work, success, credibility and respect I am enjoying. These mails come from ids very similar to my email id albeit minor change in the spelling. The ids used are like realpatidarr@gmail.com, realpatidaar@gmail.com. (Note the additional “r” and “a”). These are the acts of the people who are frustrated and have lost balance of mind. This is backstabbing at its best. (પીઠ પાછળ વાર). આપડા સમાજના આદ્ય સુધારક નારાયણજીભાઈ રામજીભાઈ લીંબાણીના પીઠ પાછળ વાર કરતા હોય તો હું તો બહુ નાનો માણસ છું. મને ખુશી છે કે મને એવા મહાન વ્યક્તિ સાથે સરખાવ્યો. વિચાર કરજો કે જે લોકો મારી સાથે લેખિતમાં આવું ખુલ્લેઆમ ખોટું કરે છે તો સમાજમાં કેટલું ખોટું બોલતા હશે. આવા લોકોની બુનિયાદ જુઠાણ પર છે તેવા લોકો પાસેથી જુઠું શિવાય શું મળશે.

I am sure the Guru of these people would be an expert in corrupting values which are pure and original to suit their mission and present it to illiterate (including educated illiterates) and unsuspecting people, making them trust the corrupted values to be the real values. The way in which the response was swift, suggests that these people are expert in following these techniques and is an organized effort. I will not be surprised if the supporters of such people try to raise the issue of my credibility at Samaj level. The whole human community and Sanatan samaj is under threat of such people who follow Pakistani and Terrorist style functioning.

My personal experience has been very comforting and soothing to know that such Satpanthis do not have anything credible to say. The fact that these Satpanthis have resorted to such act, proves, once again beyond doubt, that the mails I have sent are right.

In order to safeguard my credibility and to cope the load of emails I have been handling each day, I have switched to the domain “realpatidar.com”. All and any mails coming from realpatidar.com, like mail@realpatidar.com, mail1@realpatidar.com etc, are the mails sent me. Any other mail you may get, pretending to be sent me is an attempt these cowards. Further, the contents of whatever mails I have been sending are uploaded on http://issuu.com/patidar, (updated: 2017-Jan-14 – www.realpatidar.com) also.

I thank each and everyone for supporting my noble cause and help me extending my reach forwarding email ids of people of our samaj.

Real Patidar


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