OE 7 – Rules (Code of Conduct) for sending emails to the group / ગ્રુપ માં ઈ-મેલ મુકવા માટે આચારસંહિતા



Few days back, I had sent an email intimating everybody of the basic code of conduct, which is expected from all the members of the group. You can see the original email dated Jun 24, 2010 below.

Abusive and derogatory emails: / અસભ્ય ભાષા વપરાતા ઈ-મેલ:
However, in spite of having made very clear that people should not use abusive, derogatory and language that attacks anybody personally, many emails were received me, especially yesterday. One of such email was posted and duly replied. Others were not worth posting and hence had to be rejected.

Subject line and contents do not match: / Subject line અને અંદરનો મુદ્દો વચે સમન્વયની કમી:
Few emails that came to me were not on the subject. The subject line mentioned about something and the contents were totally different.
Request all of you to write Subject in such manner that the email recipient can get a hint about the contents of the email, just reading the subject. Many emails had to be rejected on this ground.

Nonsense emails: / મતલબ વગરની ગેલસફા જેવી વાતો:
Some emails came to me which had contents that not made any sense. Like one person was saying this… some person was doing this… totally meaningless things mentioned there. I consider the time of members is more precious to read such non-sense emails.

Spamming: / સ્પેમ:
Also at the end of the day, I found that some members were bombarding the group so many emails that if I have to post them, the members of this group would start loosing interest in reading the emails. Hence request you to kindly mail things which REALLY matter. Do not mail, just for the sake of mailing. Some people suffer from a very bad habbit, which is called “Last Word Syndrome”. People suffering from this syndrome want to say something (whether it makes sense or not, is not important) at the end of the conversation. Such emails will not be tolerated.

Rules/Code of conduct: / ઈ-મેલ મુકવાના નિયમો:
Now in order to streamline the intention of not wasting the precious time of the members and to maintain the interest of the members in reading the mails that come from the Group, I am making these rules known to everybody. Kindly support and maintain due decorum.

1. Emails that are abusive and derogatory, are not acceptable and bound to be rejected out any intimation.

2. Emails that do not match the need of aligning of Subject Line and its contents would generally be rejected a intimation emails.

3. In order to avoid spamming, not more than one email per id will be allowed to be posted, on a subject. Only under special circumstances I reserve the right to allow multiple postings.

4. All emails should be sent an intention of carrying some sensible message. I reserve the right to judge the sensibility and necessity of any email and then decide on posting it.

5. IMPORTANT: Many times, I have noticed that inspite of having posted an email, my email server rejects it, out any warning. Maybe because it classifies it as Spam.

Request all of you to follow the aforesaid rules/code of conduct and extend your co-operation in making this group a grand success. Please do not misuse this platform.

Real Patidar

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