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OE 46 -Janardhan Maharaj participated in the Muslim Sandal Ceremony / જનાર્ધન મહારાજે મુસ્લિમ સંદલ ક્રિયામાં ભાગ લીધો.

26-Aug-2012 According to our sources, Janardhan Maharaj of Faizpur had attended the Sandal Ceremony of Imam Shah’s Tomb, held on 25th Ramzan month i.e., on 15-Aug-2012, this year. According to tradition, it is during this ceremony that Paval’s tablet is made. The Sandal Paste, which is made out of various things including the soil of Karabla (a place in Arab), is applied on the tomb of Imam Shah. Old paste is removed washing the tomb. This waste out of old paste is used to make Paval tablets. These tablets are then distributed to various Khanas of Satpanth across India. These tablets are mixed in plain water to make Paval. A small amount of this Paval water is offered to visitors of the Satpanth Khanas. (Note: Under taqiyya, these Khanas are also called Nishkalanki Narayan Mandir) We have been told that Janardhan Maharaj was asked to recite the Kalmas in […]