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Series 88 – Chhal Ka Khel (Game of Deceit) – Who Vandalised Pirana Shrine? छल का खेल – पीराना के तोड़फोड़ के पीछे कौन हैं?

Who vandalised Pirana? Who destroyed the tombs of Saiyed Imamshah and others.
The video beautifully answers the question about the Who, Why and What was the reason behind the vandalisation.

The video gives aerial view (Drone Camera Shot) of the Pirana’s site. It beautifully explains the whole controversy.

It also explains how Taqiyya (i.e., Lies and Deceipt) is resorted to the Pirana Management to ensure its followers do not leave Satpanth.
This is being done in order to protects is Money and Muscle power, at the cost of innocent people, who are the real victims.